I design web­sites, applica­tions, and user interfaces

I'm a freelance digital designer based in Brno, Czech Republic. I design thoughtful, cohesive, and unified websites, app­lications, interfaces, and brands.

Website design

Modern, functional website design that aims to engage, convert, and sell.

  • Landing pages
  • Company websites
  • Personal websites

Application design

Flexible, component-based app design with focus on usability and functionality.

  • Usability-driven design
  • Best UX Practices
  • Component-based


Comprehensive branding for digital products, services and SaaS applications.

  • Logo design
  • Visual identities
  • Manuals & guidelines


Websites and apps built with React, Vue.js, WordPress, or Webflow.

  • Full Development
  • Component libraries
  • React, Vue, WordPress
Competitive website and app design based on best UX practices

Elicit engagement, eliminate friction, and drive results by leveraging best UX practices. I'll ensure your project is functional, intuitive, and ready to compete.

Modern and efficient landing pages

Turn your visitors into customers. I'll design, develop and launch a conversion-oriented landing page for your product, service, or application.

Creative digital project branding

Make an impression, show confidence, and build trust with a strong brand identity. Let's give your project a unified and memorable face that will represent it as it grows.

Custom services and consulting

Does your project need a UI/UX designer? I'm available to lead, assit, or consult. Let's talk — we'll discuss your project and I'll let you know if I can help.

Juraj Weszter

+421 902 691 212

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With an education in applied mathematics and over 5 years of experiece as a UX/UI designer, I have amassed a breadth of knowledge connecting visual design, user experience, and technology. Before starting freelancing in August 2021, I held the role of lead designer at an agile web development agency. Reponsible for both user experience and visual design, I helped create numerous web projects and lead the design of a growing SaaS application.

Aiming to bridge the gap between visuals and functionality, I leverage best UX practices to create standout digital experiences that drive user engagement, eliminate friction, and achieve tangible results. I synthesize the principles of Atomic Design with the practice of a component-based approach, paving way to well-structured, robust digital products that move fast in development, evolve easily, and scale seamlessly.

How can we start a project together?

Send me an e-mail at jweszter@gmail.com, or call me at +421 902 691 212. We will start with a brief discovery call in order for me to understand your project. Afterwards, we will define the project scope, set a time schedule, and I'll prepare a price estimate. Once everything is agreed upon, we can start work within 2 to 4 weeks.

How much will it cost?

Website and application design usually starts at 20 000 CZK (850 EUR). Consultations are priced hourly at a rate of 2000 CZK (85 EUR) per hour. For a more precise price estimate or development pricing, please contact me via e-mail at jweszter@gmail.com – most of the time we'll be able to agree upon a project scope that will accommodate your budget.

What information do you need to prepare an estimate?

Generally, we will need to define a set of deliverables – a number of website pages, application screens, or project scope. It's usually best to conduct a brief phone/video call so I can talk you through what I need in detail.

What else will I need to launch my website, application, or project?

Since 2023, my sole focus is on design – you'll need a software developer down the road. In case you already have a trusted development team but are missing a UI/UX designer, I will be happy to collaborate.

Recent work
Let's design your website, application, or digital project

Call or leave a message — we'll dicuss your project and see if we're a good fit.

Ing. Juraj Weszter

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